Intimassy the Love Diary

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About Us

Intimassy the Love Diary mobile app lets you track sexual activities, sex life, sexual health, sexual intimacy and gives you sexual statistics about your private life for better sexual wellness.

You can see sexual statistics and get sexual feedback with more than 10 different metrics to improve your sex life and have better male and female orgasms!

Key features of this sexual intercourse journal, dating diary, sex logger, sex diary, sex tracker, sex calendar:

* Specify your sexual partner for each sexual activity
* You can add photos and private images to remember special moments
* Sexual intercourse type
* Sex place
* Sex position
* Sex duration
* Sexual protection
* Orgasm count
* Sexual partner's orgasm count
* Extra notes
* PIN protection


Use Intimassy the sex calendar, dating tracker, sexting diary to keep:

* Sex body count, sex count, sexual intercourse count, sex score, sexual intercourse score
* Masturbation counter, masturbation tracker, compulsive sex and bdsm
* Sexual activity details such as sex place, sex type, sex position, sex duration, male and female orgasms count,...
* Partner based sexual activity history
* Safe sex and sexual protection, safe sex for pregnancy
* Sex dating history, sex dating diary
* Sex calories calculator, sex workout


Enter Your Data

Enter the details of your sexual activity!

Customize Your Diary

Create your partners, positions, places profiles, keep your relationship history!

See Statistics

Get rich feedback with visualised statistics, compare your own statistics with Global Statistics and improve your sex life!